Monday, July 8, 2013

Man Pants Re-Fash

It is hard to find fashionable shorts that are knee length, so over the weekend i went to my favorite store, the Gap, looking for some shorts at their mega clearance sale, and i found some men's shorts that fit me. They were even pink! So when i got them home i immediately went at them with my sewing machine to take in the legs so they didn't fit like boys' shorts. They fit well int he waist and thighs already, so it was a quick alt. but they just needed something else! So i grabbed some lace i had on hand and stitched it to the bottom of both legs (so it looks kind of like a cuff!) and then my mom suggested adding some to the pocket flaps too (brilliant), so i did. I only added it to one pocket... i didn't want it to look too much like a "craft project". I love the outcome, and now i have the perfect length feminine shorts for summer. Thanks the Gap!

Lacey cuffs!

I didn't wear my shirt tucked in today, i just tucked it in for effect... but you can see my shirt through my pants... 

 This is my butt... cute pocket!

My poor seamstress ankle... 

My Grandpa Miller's hat that i added a cute band to is my favorite summer staple this year. 

Comfy for work.

Ankle!! :(

I rarely leave anything i buy un-touchced. I have realized that i don't have to live with things the way they come.. i can alter fit, and if they are boring i can make them unique! Do the same. Get creative!

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