Saturday, June 15, 2013

1 dress + 1 dress = 1 dress

So, i might be bad at math, but the title is the truth. I was cleaning out my closet when i found 2 dresses that i don't wear often. The grey dress was ugly, but cheap. I bought it because i thought it might be a comfy easy dress to wear... but i didn't wear it because it was ugly. The second dress was a coral tank dress that i got from Gap last summer that has since shrunk in length, and as i prefer to have more leg coverage than it was willing to offer i no longer wore it. So what did i do? I shoved them in my work bag to become inspired at the next days' lunch break. At work i have an hour for lunch, and i usually use about 10 of the 60 minutes on eating, and then i work on personal or paying alterations projects. Since i have been on a maxi dress kick lately, i thought why not combine these two comfy knit dresses into one mega-comfy color-blocked dress! Double trends in one. So i cut the coral dress off at the waist (which was just gathered by elastic) and i cut the hem off of the grey dress, and i stitched them together very carefully so that i didn't get a pucker-y seam (as is common in sewing knits). I loved that the coral dress had a grow-tucking detail at the bottom, so i kept it, and didn't need to re-hem it. It was fate that these two dresses live as one as they were the same exact circumference so i didn't have to take either one in for them to fit perfectly. In order to make the dress look more intentional, i cut the top of the coral dress into some matching asymmetrical neck ruffles to layer in with the existing ones. I'm still not pleased with the draw-string... but have yet to find ribbon or something sufficient in a color that i like... so it remains. Who decided to put a khaki colored draw-string in a grey dress to begin with?? Anyway... now i have this cute dress that took a total of 20 minutes to complete, and was the perfect thing to wear to work on a hot busy day! I highly suggest looking through your own closets and finding the things you never wear and decide if maybe it's time you try a re-fashion! 

P.S. Ignore the messy fitting room... 

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