Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 I found these cute polka dot shorts at the Gap Outlet and loved them, but they were way too short. They were only $2, so i bought a pair that fit me and a pair that was a size 16 to use the extra fabric to add length. The lengthening process was a little... tricky. I had to do what my old boss Amanda used to call "fancy sewing". In the end i wasn't pleased with the seam in the middle of my thigh, and the old hem-lines that were darker and very visible, so i got out some cute crocheted trim lace that i had and i covered up all the things that i wanted hidden. I think they turned out alright... not my very favorite work, but pretty good for $4 shorts, and they will work fine to finish out this hot summer. Sorry for no before pictures, and for the very terrible after pictures that i took with my phone.